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Welcome to Dry Basement Solutions
With over a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve fixed thousands of homes all over Ontario.
After working in the city for many years, we saw a need to start a company in Central Ontario.

Unlike companies from the city we will not charge mileage to come to your home and we always offer free estimates.
There is a need for honest, fair and hardworking basement restorations companies north of the city. We want our company to fulfill that need.
Let’s make your home dry today!

A Word about Water Problems:

In every home, there is hydrostatic pressure pushing up from under the house. A high water table and poor drainage can cause water to push up from cracks in the floor, or where the foundation and floor meet. This is called a cold joint. Water can be forced up through a cold joint and into the basement.

Dry Basement Solutions has two methods of eliminating these issues. The “External Excavation” and the “Internal French Drain”. Both are 100% effective.

External Excavation:

External Excavation benefits homes that already have finished basements as the majority of the waterproofing process is conducted on the external walls on the outside of the home.  External excavation involves digging down to the footing on the leaking wall. The wall is cleaned and a rubber membrane is applied. Next, a protective barrier is applied and the waterproof membrane. The membrane forces the water to drain down into a weeping tile system. The weeping tile system is connected to a new sump pump or existing drainage system.  After the excavation is complete we backfill and grade ensuring that all water flows away from the home. 

Internal French Drain:

Another alternative is the Internal French Drain. This system is often more beneficial and about half the cost of doing an external excavation because it is done without the worries of having to deal with landscaping, decks, patios, and gardens etc. 
The internal French drain consists of removing any water damaged drywall and studs in the leaking area. The concrete floor is broken up and a trench is excavated along the wall. A perforated weeping tile is installed, covered with gravel, and routed to a new or existing sump pump. The water is then discharged outside and away from the home. Concrete is then poured to repair the floor. The studs and drywall are then repaired leaving a dry basement. The French drain has a lifetime transferable guarantee for 30 years.

Basement Foundation Cracks:

Basement Foundation Cracks are caused by the settling of the foundation and footings. Cracks usually form in the first few years of a home being built. After time water finds its way through the cracks and into the basement causing water damage and in some cases mold to occur.
We at Dry Basement Solutions use a high-pressure injection method. We drill holes to intersect the crack in the middle of the foundation. Ports are installed and the crack is flushed to clean and remove debris. Then we inject a polyurethane mixture that expands into rubber and seals the foundation from the inside straight through to the outside. This method has replaced the old method of epoxy resin which doesn’t last as long and cracks with the concrete over time. With this new method, Dry Basement Solutions can offer a lifetime transferable guarantee for 30 years!

Window Wells:

A blocked window well can cause water to collect and not drain properly. The water will fill up in the well and leak into the basement. Window well drains are connected to the weeping system at the footing around the house.  Blocking of the drainage system around your home can cause water to leak in under the floor.
Dry Basement Solutions digs down to the footing to make sure the drain is clear. Then we install a new drain, backfill, and install new stone for drainage in the well. Window well repairs come with a lifetime transferable guarantee for 30 years.

Sump Pumps:

Sump pumps are required in order to discharge water from a drainage system and to keep the water table down in the basement relieving hydrostatic pressure that can cause water to push up from under the floor.
The process involves breaking up the concrete and digging a sump pit. All the excavated material is removed. A sump bucket is installed and the drainage system is routed to it and connected. Holes are drilled in the bucket and the hole is lined with gravel for drainage. The pump is plumbed and the water is discharged outside and away from the home. Sump pump installations come with a 2-year replacement warranty.

Mold Removal:

Mould takes 3 months to start growing. An ongoing water issue can create mold which can become unsafe. 
Dry Basement Solutions will identify and remove the mold as well as repair the damage. Drywall and wood studs can rot and be harmful. Dry Basement Solutions removes, disinfects and rebuilds making your home safe and dry.


Dry Basement Solutions services:

  • Orillia & Area: Orillia, Oro-Medonte, Ramara, Severn, Washago, Coldwater, Lagoon City, Brechin, Beaverton, Mara Beach, Cumberland Breach, Severn Bridge, Coopers Falls & More…
  • Muskoka & Area: Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Port Severn, Honey Harbour, Victoria Harbor, Swift Rapids, Port Stanton, Big Chute, Port Carling & More….
  • Barrie & Simcoe Area: Barrie Innisfil, Midhurst , Midland, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood & More.>e
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